EEO Policy


Seven Mountains Media recognizes that diversity in expression will only be achieved through a workforce comprising individuals of diverse ages, gender, cultural background and values. Therefore, equal opportunity for all persons is an integral part of the Seven Mountains Media stations.

Seven Mountains Media accepts that particular circumstances prevent some groups in society from competing equally. As an employer, it is committed to eliminate and ensure the continued absence from within its structure any source of direct or indirect discrimination on the bases of factors not related to work performance, including race, color, national or ethnic origin, nationality, sex, marital status, pregnancy, trans-sexuality, age, sexual preference, status as a parent, political conviction, religious belief, social origin, or impairment. It has a continuing obligation under FCC legislation to implement an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan.

Seven Mountains Media also accepts that, by recognizing diversity as a potential asset, it will be better place to create a culture where all staff has equal opportunity for advancement and where every employee is respected as an individual. To this end, policies, procedures and programs have been implemented to promote equality of opportunity and the value of human diversity through Seven Mountains Media stations EEO Plan.

Advertising Contracts – Seven Mountains Media, and its affiliates and their radio stations do not and shall not discriminate in any way on the basis of race or gender, respecting their advertising practices.

Recruitment – To ensure non-discrimination and to foster full consideration in filling job vacancies, we utilize the following recruitment procedures:

  1. To maintain written and oral communication with a variety of organizations to encourage the referral of qualified applicants. Those organizations would be local colleges and universities, vocational/technical schools, local branches of the NAACP, Women in Business, and state employment agencies.
  2. Establish and offer internship programs in conjunction with educational institutions to individuals seeking to acquire skills necessary for broadcast employment.
  3. Listing job opportunities in a job bank on the station’s web-site.
  4. Participation in general outreach through the efforts of activities sponsored by community or education groups such as career days, job fairs, workshops or similar activities.
  5. Participation in shadowing programs directed at students desiring to pursue a career in broadcasting.

Outreach Review – Based on information derived from applicants attracted through our recruitment methods, we will demonstrate that the information in reaching a wide diversity of individuals.

Record Keeping – We will collect and keep on file: (a) listings of all full-time jobs filled, identified by job title; (b) the recruitment source used to fill each vacancy, identified by address, contact person and telephone number; (c) dated copies of all advertisements, letters, e-mails, faxes used to fill each vacancy; (d) data reflecting the recruitment source for each full-time job filled. We will analyze this information to determine that we are attaining our goal of reaching the entire community we serve.

Reporting – An annual report will be placed in our public file and on our website containing the above information of record.