Today is Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania.  The Primary was postponed from April 28th due to COVID-19.  Voters will cast ballots for President, along with U.S. and Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Safety precautions will be in place at all the polls.  Voters are urged to wear a mask.  Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.  Mifflin County voters are reminded that the county has consolidated several polling places in order to serve several precincts at once.  The complete list of precinct changes is available at the Mifflin County Voter Registration website: http://www.co.mifflin.pa.us/dept/VoterReg/Pages/PollingPlaces.aspx.


[All voters in Brown Township will now vote at the Reedsville Fire Co. banquet hall located at 16 Firehouse Blvd., Reedsville. All voters in Burnham Borough and Derry Township will now vote at Mifflin County High School at 501 Sixth St., Lewistown. Voters in Lewistown Borough will all vote at Mifflin County Middle School, located at 2 Manor Drive, Lewistown. All voters in Oliver Township and those from the Granville-West precinct will vote at West Granville Fire Co., at 8392 US Hwy 522 S, Lewistown.

The complete updated list is below:

¯Armagh Township (east) – Siglerville Baseball Organization, 1122 Locke Mills Road, Milroy.

¯Armagh Township (west) – Milroy Hose Co. No. 1, 190 College Ave., Milroy.

¯Bratton Township – Longfellow Playground Building, 2216 state Route 103 N, Lewistown.

¯Brown Township (both precincts) – Reedsville Fire Co. banquet hall, 16 Firehouse Blvd., Reedsville.

¯Burnham Borough – Mifflin County High School, 501 Sixth St., Lewistown.

¯Decatur Township (east) – Decatur Township Building, 100 Snook Road, McClure.

¯Decatur Township (west) – Decatur Fireman’s Cookhouse, 4379 US Hwy 522 N, Lewistown.

¯Derry Township (all precincts) – Mifflin County High School, 501 Sixth St., Lewistown.

¯Granville Township (east) – Granville Township Building, 100 Helen St., Lewistown.

¯Granville Township (west) – West Granville Fire Co., 8392 US Hwy 522 S, Lewistown.

¯Juniata Terrace Borough – Juniata Terrace Borough Building, 80 Hudson Ave., Lewistown.

¯Kistler Borough – Kistler Elementary School, 154 School St., Mount Union.

¯Lewistown Borough (all precincts) – Mifflin County Middle School, 2 Manor Drive, Lewistown.

¯McVeytown Borough – Rothrock Playground Building, 5555 Highway 522 S, McVeytown.

¯Newton Hamilton Borough – Newton Wayne Fire Co. banquet hall, 307 Front St., Newton Hamilton.

¯Menno Township – Menno Township Building, 39 Water St., Allensville.

¯Oliver Township – West Granville Fire Co., 8392 US Hwy 522 S, Lewistown.

¯Union Township – Former Union Elementary School, 95 N. Penn St. rear, Belleville.

¯Wayne Township – Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11, 2527 US Highway 522 S, McVeytown.


Citizens can also check the county website or the state website for polling locations:





The Mifflin County Regional Police Department is warning the public of an email scam.  Someone using an email address “frweary1@gmail.com” and claiming to be a religious leader in the county is requesting the recipient to purchase Ebay cards and forward the PINs from the cards.  The sender claims to be unable to purchase the cards and needs assistance.  Once gift card numbers are forwarded to the scammer, there is often little recourse.  If you receive an email requesting that you purchase gift cards, it is most likely a scam.


The Pennsylvania Senate has approved legislation that would provide $50 million in grants for Pennsylvania’s fire companies and EMS squads as they address the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.  Senate Bill 1122 provides $44 million for grants to fire companies, and $6 million to benefit EMS stations.


A previously announced detour for a bridge replacement project in Derry Township, Mifflin County will be implemented today. Work on the bridge spanning Jack’s Creek on Back Maitland Road (Route 2004), was scheduled to begin after Memorial Day but was delayed.  The detour implemented at 9:00 am today will use Kishacoquillas Street, East Charles Street (Route 3002), Route 22/322 westbound, Route 522, and Crossover Drive (Route 2001). Temporary traffic signals at the intersections of Routes 522 and 2001 will become fully operational.







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