Attorneys affiliated with the Amistad Project have filed a lawsuit in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania challenging the legality of the statewide school mask mandate issued by acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam.  The plaintiffs include Pennsylvania Senate President pro tempore Jake Corman and State Representative Jesse Topper.  The state has until September 8th to respond to the lawsuit.  A court hearing is scheduled for September 16th.


With the start of the school year, the Mifflin County Regional Police Department reminds motorists that when you see a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing, you must stop.   A violation of the Pennsylvania School Bus Stopping Law is a 60-day driver’s license suspension, five points on your driving record, and a $250 fine. Motorists are also reminded not to pass a stopped school bus. Make sure you stop at least 10 feet away from buses that have their red lights flashing, and stop arm extended. Motorist should remain stopped until these safety devices are deactivated.


United Way of Pennsylvania (UWP) in partnership with the Early Learning Investment Commission (ELIC) has released a report revealing both employers and workers recognize child care is essential to the Commonwealth’s economic rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. The report combines results from a survey of business leaders in Pennsylvania, and United Way’s survey of households, both conducted earlier this year.  The report indicates that 45% of respondents with families had to adjust their work to accommodate their child care needs.  More than half (54 percent) of employers believe they lost employees due to a lack of child care during the pandemic.