The Afternoon Stomp with Teddy Yeti, October 12, 2017

The Afternoon Stomp with Teddy Yeti, October 12, 2017

The Afternoon Stomp with Teddy Yeti, October 12, 2017

Just as an experiment I thought it might be interesting to keep a little record of my Afternoon stomp home.

I kicked the Stomp off with Josh Cracin and his song Nothin to Loose. Before the 3 O’clock hour we had a song from Sugarland and upon looking for info on Sugarland I found that Jennifer Nettles will be close to Bigfoot Country soon. She’ll actually be in reading in November. Click HERE for her tour page.

3:10 In case you are wondering what happens while songs are playing. Well, a lot of time looking for things to talk about. Current events and even when I think I have everything lined up and ready to go. Something that will captivate everyone listening, I screw up. That just happened before the first commercial break. I forgot to add a stop in out computer software that tells the audio where to stop. As I started to talk the commercial started to play and I went in to cover mode.

That’s one of the great things about live radio, yes we make mistakes. It’s because we are live humans on air broadcasting live. In fact, as I am typing this at just after 3 PM ,I look out the window and see the school busses buzzing by and the kids in the back waving. I have to winder if they are listening to us and if they are I’d like to know so I could send them a stomp on the way home.

3:30 It’s time to remind you that I will be giving out the Creekside Code in the 5 o’clock hour. Today is he day we give out the last clue for the week. That means a lot of traffic on the web site. At this time we have received over 279 entries for this week alone. Tomorrow morning I will get awake and go to the site and get the entries organized and send to Jeff

3:45 What do you know Jeff from the morning show stopped in to see the new light. Oh, I forgot to mention that. As you may know we are in new studios. The new studios are NICE. The only thing I am not a fan of is the light. I don’t even turn them on. As it has been getting darker earlier the studio has as well. I stopped on my way today and bought a little light. (Photo Below) I messaged Jeff with a picture of it and he was so excited he stopped in to look at it.


4:05 It’s time for the Vocab Rehab game. This game we do every weekday. We, wait why am I saying we? I give you the definition of a word. If you know the word you can win delicious ice cream from Harshbarger’s Sub and Malt with locations in McVeytown and Mifflintown. Today the definition was, to take or experience  a sudden or dramatic downturn. The word was Tailspin. I heard the word on the way in to work and ask siri for the definition.

5:00 Well the four o’clock hour is filled with things so I wasn’t able to talk much about it. The phone goes crazy when we play the Vocab Rehab game. Today the definition was to take or experience a sudden and dramatic downturn. The word was “Tailspin” and Diane from McCallisterville was our winner.

After we got the answer for Vocab Rehab we talked with Rick at Victory Auto in Lewistown and then the Bad Joke of the day. I never know if the joke is really a bad joke or not because I am kind of telling it to myself. A few weeks ago I did run in to a guy who drives trucks in the afternoon. He told me he listens everyday and tries to remember the bad joke of the day to tell his wife. He said he enjoys them for the most part so as long as he’s ok I’m ok.

I forgot to mention that I put my GOPRO camera in our window this afternoon when I signed on. It’s 5 O’clock so it is getting kind of dark with the overcast skies so I’m going to stop it and see what two hours of time lapse look like.

Well I have the clip posted on our Facebook page so if you want to check it out. Click the link.

5:30 It’s time for the Creekside Clue. I’m interested in how many entries we get this week. A 7000 dollar hot tub is the biggest prize we have given away…..dramatic pause….. so far.

In closing… I hope you found this a little interesting. It took a lot of time and not sure it is something I can do everyday. It’s around 6 pm and I have to take care of some things before I leave for the evening. I hope you check back for more things like this on out web site and most of all I hope you keep listening to Bigfoot Country!!


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