Huntingdon State Police are investigating a death that occurred in Cromwell Township. A 61 year old male had been driving his ATV through the woods on Saturday. At some point the victim lost control and fell off of the vehicle. The victim was later found dead under the ATV. There were no signs of foul play at the scene. This incident remains under investigation.


Newport State Police are looking into an altercation that broke out at a Newport High School football game. The alleged argument occurred between two juveniles on October 5 at approximately 9PM. One of the boys has a broken wrist as a result of the fight. Minimal information is available at this time and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone who may have seen the altercation, or has any information is asked to contact the police department.


A Lewistown woman is being charged with theft after stealing from her employer. 25 year old Terri Imes took items and money from the Family Dollar Store in the Port Royal Borough from July through October. Lewistown police said after further investigation it was found Imes had taken and consumed store merchandise and had performed false returns and pocketed the money from the transactions. She was charged through District Court.


The West Nile virus has been at a record high for the first time in well over a decade. 72 Pennsylvanians came down with the mosquito-transmitted disease in 2018. The surge in cases is attributed to the unusually high amount of rain this past summer and resulting breeding opportunities for mosquitoes. The virus has led to 3 deaths this year. West Nile often causes flu-like symptoms or no noticeable symptoms or in some cases, the potentially deadly swelling of the brain. The virus was found in all but four PA Counties. The threat of West Nile ends with the first frost, which ends the mosquito season.


When Hurricane Michael made landfall last Wednesday, it became the third-strongest hurricane to hit our coast in United States history. In addition to major destruction in the impact area, the storm has wreaked havoc in the Carolinas, which has barely begun to recover from last month’s Hurricane Florence. The American Red Cross continues to support both hurricane relief efforts. Currently, their emphasis is providing a safe place to stay for those unable to return to their homes and distribution of items for those in need. There are ways you too can support the relief operation: become a Red Cross volunteer, make a donation, or donate blood. Visit redcross.org for more information on hurricane relief efforts.


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